Irish Healing

Happy St Patrick's day ya crazy Irish! While I would have loved to have celebrated with my fellow Irishmen today, I had a dental procedure yesterday that's left me riding the Vicodin high to kill the pain...all aboard party of 1, let's kick it!

So while I've been unable to speak, you're welcome....I've enjoyed some new and old loves while I dozed in and out of drug induced la la land. Enjoy!

Lord Huron -"The Night We Met"
Excited to see that these guys, lead by Michigan based Ben Schneider, are making their way to San Diego this May with "Family of the Year" (Boyhood track stuck in your head) with shake ups from their upcoming album "Strange Trails" being released on April 7th. If you're a fan of the Walkmen and Night Beds like I am, I think you'll like what you hear. Also check out "World Enderer" and "Fools in Love" now available when you pre-order their album on itunes.

Houndmouth - "Sedona"
Touring with the likes of "The Lumineers", Houndmouth brings you the same hoot and hollerin...but with a whole lotta country twang -such as in their track "15 years" and "Honey Slider" from their March 13th release "Little Neon Limelight". Sadly it seems there is only an east coast / mid west tour set up through June but hopefully they'll make their way to the best coast soon after that!

BORNS -"Electric Love"
Hailing from the heart of Michigan, Garrett Borns is bringing his electric glam vocals to the city of angels - and for all you dance lovers out there, we're sure glad he did. Electric Love is just a touch of great music coming from their newly released EP - Candy available on itunes.

Just a preview of my personal favorite "Past Lives"

Lennon & Maisy -"Boom Clap"
Just pure vocal talent from these lil ladies. 15 year old Lennon and 11 year old Maisy have been known for their covers of Robyn's "Call your Girlfriend" and Imogen Heaps "Headlock". With their new release of "Boom Clap" by Charlie XCX, these girls continue to show the world they have quite a bright future ahead of them.

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