Life Lessons - Expectations

Lose your expectations of people. 

I think this might have been the biggest realization, and the hardest, I've had as of late. Sometimes you're meant to be some place at that time to meet some of the greatest friends you'll have in your adult life. People you can really count on and love you for you - which is pretty great considering your a more confident version of yourself when your older (for the most part) and don't always need more room for friends. So ya know, they like really actually like you. 

You'll also have people that you feel disappointed you too, that when times got tough, you felt disappeared in the night.  And those hurt, no matter what, are just such a bummer when you had expectations of those friendships or at least thought they were stronger than they were. 

The truth is, that as we get older, priorities change and people are busy as they enter their adult life. There are houses to be bought, there are babies to be made, and people to marry! And sometimes when you're single, like moi - its hard to feel like you might be the only one heading to see that new movie, grab a glass of wine at the local spot, or looking for a fun night out flirting with the waiter...for extra bread of course. The grass is always greener either way you look at it.  

So remember that as you get older it's important that keep your quality friends and remember fondly on those acquaintances gone by. Make time for those you love to have in your life, even if it's not the everyday. Even the smallest gesture makes someone feel loved, thought of, and less alone. I started sending cards more this year. Just out of the blue "I love you" cards or "you are my favorite betch" to friends and family - even friends in the same town I don't get to see often. It makes me feel like that even though I can't always see the people I'd like to see while I'm home or just haven't seen in a while that they are still important to me and I love them still all the same. 

Sometimes life just drifts you apart a little bit, but when someone means something to you, hold on to them with simple gestures and remember to find time to spend with them. And for those occasional acquaintances or friends you miss, you'll find the right place and time to see each other again and it will be damn delightful. 

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