Web Trends in 2012

Three days into the new gig (which would explain my absence from the blog-go-sphere) and I'm already learning about some great new trends happening in 2012. I already spoke to Viddy on my facebook, which is quickly becoming a fave, but here are some additional trends happening in 2012 in the digital world:

Postagram - While there are quite a few postcard apps out there, the thing that stands out to me the most about Postagram is not only its low price of $1.98 to send the postcard, but the fact that you can actually POP OUT the picture within the postcard to frame...genius! 

Loku.com - Get to know your local spots with Loku.com. Check out local stories and news in your area and find places all the buzz. The fun interaction with loku allows you to narrow down your hot spots with fun filters like "flirty", "hipster", and "swanky"...ya know, the real way you should discover your new scene. 

Loose Cubes - This is truly a unique idea for those who either work from home or in their smaller company office across the nation, even across the globe. Loose cubes allow you to share office space, and a majority of these locations being quite inspirational - prompting working relationships, partnerships, and new business! 

Clothia.com - Ladies, brace yourself...there is a new virtual closet coming soon (available for sign up only - smart, like Pinterest!). Only clothia.com comes also with a virtual fitting room - which makes me intrigued on what that entails given the rise of online shopping now a days, but the downfall of not being able to actually try on your online purchases. Sign on up to be part of the test, you can always unsubscribe if it doesn't fit...

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  1. I hope you are LOVING the new gig lady!!! I hadn't heard of ANY of these sites before. Really dig the idea of Loose Cubes. Could see that being an interesting way to network for a possible job too, if the company that's hosting is in your field or area of expertise.