All of the lights...

So with the apartment search underway, I'm already dreaming up some chic interior decorations. First order of business will be a bed (obviously), but I'm excited to begin gathering all new California inspired items to make my apartment a home. And lighting is an important feature to create the perfect ambiance in your space. I'm not a big fan of bright lights, so here are some great alternatives for relaxing mood lighting.

3. Alexis Mire - I'm sure there is a safer way to make these! very whimsical!
6. Clouds

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  1. yay i'm glad you found a job in solana beach lindsay! it sounds like your life is coming together out there :) good luck with the apartment search! have you narrowed it down to any specific neighborhoods? my sublet is up in december so i'm sort of in the same boat. i can't wait to find a new place and start decorating.