System Overload...packed weekend!

So, first off...I think we need to address the issue at hand and I hope every one of my fellow Pats fans is hanging in there today...cause that, was not fun. But I'd like to think you can't win em all and what doesn't kill you only makes you stronger...right? well it better... I'm expecting more from that defense from this day forward! 

But! On a better note, everything leading up to that game was great! The end of the week was a little tough, so it was nice to say goodbye to the stress and say hello to Sip Wine Bar up in Del Mar once Jaime's friend Marie arrived into town for a visit (aww...see the perdy ladies below!). Sip had a perfect ambiance, being a small cozy place and with dim lighting and rustic decor. There is two big community seating tables and a bar, perfect for being social and meeting new people! What's different about sip is that their menus is based on flight trios of all kinds! Jaime and I went for the Aromatic Whites for some crisp new flavors and Marie explored the variety of Chardonnays. 

And did I mention the tater tots made with a mix of flavorful cheeses? I should, cause they were so so yummy! A def must when you visit Sip. And to our great surprise, from 10 pm to close, they offer $5 wells, wines and spirits! So not only did we start the night here, we made it back around to end it there as well :) One thing to note, in case you are hungry, Sip only serves cheese plates and small tapas, so if you're looking to get a full meal, I would suggest heading out for dinner first and then making your way to Sip for their happy hour to finish off your night! Its a perfect place for a group or just a romantic date night with seating also outside by candlelight, under their sparkling lit up trees.

On Saturday, we woke up early to do some paddle boarding in the morning. I cannot tell you how relaxing this activity is...and you can't beat the price of $20 for 2 1/2 hours! So we paddled our way out into mission bay, where the water was calm and the weather turned out to be perfectly cool for burning some calories. I will definitely be doing this again in the near future and I would love to try the kayaking as well! 

Next up on the agenda, the San Diego Beer Fair! It was great to be out in the sun and the crowd wasn't overwhelming, so we were able to sample our beers without waiting in lines - just the way I like it...prompt refills! There were about 20 breweries from all over the state of California, and most of them local! There were a few food vendors and local company vendors, like Yelp and the Belly up, where we scored a bunch of random trinkets like key chains and lip balm.  Listen, when you're three samples deep, somehow these things end up being like buried treasure to you. Bootayyyyy!

We made our way home after a few hours of fun in the sun to post Beer Fest naps - an absolute must for a full recovery. A few hours later after snapping out of post nap grogginess and bellies full of ale, we put ourselves together for a nice dinner at Spaghetteria, in Little Italy downtown - where the gnocchi was heaven. We walked around the city before settling in for a post dinner drink at Jbar, a rooftop deck at the top of a hotel that has a pool, fire pits and heat lamps galore, just what we needed on this cool night!

On the way, we passed this really cool venue on the way where a wedding was being held in an art gallery, was such a fun space with the lighting and the dark woods all around, definitely my style!

We topped off the weekend settling into a crowded Players, I'm told THE designated Patriots bar, for the 10 am kickoff. The rest doesn't really need to be discussed...obviously... but overall it was a fun time hanging out in a room full of fans hootin' and hollerin' for the same great team. Made me feel a little closer to home. 

I hope everyone is doing so well and I hope to be back and posting consistently and often very soon! xoxo


  1. your weekend clearly was a blaaaast! i love san diego, i need to make it down there soon! i'm glad you're getting settled in :) have you had any luck with jobs yet? the beer festival looks fun ~ since you love beer, you should look into san diego beer week, they hold it every november. tons of beer events!

  2. thanks chica!! yes it is so very beautiful down here. Went to Coronado last weekend as well and I can't take it how beautiful it is! i would love to live there!

    Still on the job hunt, what are your plans for october? you should def come down in November for the beer fest then! :)