Throwing a College Shower

This past weekend, my whole family threw my sister Kat a college shower before her departure next week. She's heading off to Umass Amherst and I can only imagine the trouble and fun she's about to find herself in - I can't wait for the stories to start pouring in!

But a college shower? I got lots of questions about what exactly this is, seems it is not such a common thing after all! So I thought it would be a great to show how we run one of these little shindigs. We've done it for every child in the Banks family and it's really a great way to send the youngsters off so they are prepared for the long days of "studying" to come.  Everyone is able to contribute and see the future student before heading off, and it's a great excuse to get the family together over the summer!

Opening her new mini fridge
So If you've ever thrown a wedding or baby shower before, than your golden, because its about 50% of the work you have to do for parties like that. We don't have special favors or catered food or anything, its simply a themed cookout! We have our guest of honor fill out an amazon wishlist (and right now you can save 25% on college essentials) where everyone purchases an item or two. Generally these things are anything from the notebooks, shower caddies, robes, sheets, etc. We all rally around to watch the opening of the gifts - and this time we had darling helpers, Miss Casey and Jaymie! 

Kat got everything she wanted, while also making out with items from my apartment that I can't bring with me to California to her new home in western MA. I say this kid made out good! We will miss her as she enters the world of adulthood, but can't wait to be living vicariously through her Umass years!

A robe to cover up in those dorm hallways - from cousin Corky!
I thought I'd show what a sweet little girl she can look like...
before I show you she's a real big goof at heart...

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