These are a Few of my Favorite Things: August Edition

It's been a pretty productive week and there is a lots to feel good about going into the weekend. With just a few things left to do on my list, I think I can really look forward to a good road trip and enjoying my time visiting new cities and spending time with friends along the way. Only a few weeks away, but time always flies! 

These are some things I'd love to acquire once I have my apartment set up and once I get on my feet out there. That might become the hardest thing, keeping myself from spending my moolah on the road! It's gonna take some real resistance especially visiting cities like New Orleans and Austin!

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend in store and some much needed R&R in the mix! Enjoy! xo

1. Alternative French
4. Log bowls - seems to me a cure for slouching while eating your cereal ;)
6. Better Half Blonde Ale package design concept and story
7. Book laptop case - can we say Penny from Inspector Gadget? I always wanted one of these!

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