Big News Heya!

So I know I haven't posted as much in the past week, but I promise its worth it :) I have some exciting news! Harlow Knox Stereobox is moving to CALIFORNIA!!! woop!

Now that I'm free to announce it, it feels like such a relief! Many of you have known for a while I'm sure, so this isn't such big news, but it's nice to have it out in the open now. It's been quite a whirlwind getting to this point, bout to get deep on y'all...brace yourselves.  

I've realized it's def harder to make these kinds of decisions as you get older - I used to not be so afraid. I moved to New York two weeks before graduating college for a job without a flinch of hesitation or worry. My brother and I ended up sleeping on his friends Scott's couch for a few weeks as we looked for an apartment, but we knew something would pan out. And it did! (thankfully for Scott!) It helps me think of the grand scheme of things, this is something I've dreamt of doing all my life. The opportunity is there for the taking and it most likely won't come a around again. And though I know its hard to think of it this way as I lose my mind figuring out what to bring, how much I'll miss the relationships here and with questions galore such as what route I'm going to take, is my car in good shape to drive cross country, whose coming with me (bueller?), am I going to be broke a month after I get out there? (Trust me that this economy talk hasn't helped the past few days as I prepared) My brother said something very wise - "there will always be a reason not to go". And he's right.

So with that said, I can truly say I am excited for this next chapter... excited to head out there and see where it brings me, excited to meet new people, see new places, discover things about myself I didn't know I could do or be (sound like a hallmark card much?).  Even taking this opportunity is giving it a shot, its better to not regret and to take the chance.  Things will fall where they should. And if all else fails, you can find me in my tent on the beach :)

This is a lot nicer than what I'm sure I can put together :) 

So in one month on 9/3 I will be jumping in my car and making the trek across country. The plan is to take the southern route because I've always wanted to visit Memphis, Austin, and New Orleans.  Better yet, why don't you to join me on my adventure?! Just be sure to "like" Harlow Knox Stereobox on Facebook for an announcement coming soon on how you can interact with my cross country road trip :) Yeah buddy!

(photo sources from top to bottom: Lindsay Doyle, Mike Mutrie, greenlikebathwater, beachpeaceloveweheartit, 100layercake)


  1. That is so awesome!! I, too, have been wrestling with a decision to move across my state to another city and this is exactly what I needed to read! Good luck with your move and I can't wait to see how things work out for you!

    Oh, and Memphis is uh-mazing. Loved it!

  2. I'm so glad I could help in some way!! It's a huge decision, but if you know it could potentially be really great for you, its worth it right?! :) Def keep us posted and I can't wait to see some moving action on your blog!

  3. CONGRATULATIONS lady!!!!!! i am soo excited for you. and how funny - i'm driving out on september 8th! going the northern route - through colorado, utah (zion national park), vegas, and then to CA! are you doing the drive by yourself?

    also - and forgive me if i've asked u this before, have you been to SD? if not, i pretty much could write a novel about how awesome it is. you're going to have a great time! i hope we can become friends when we move, since we'll be kinda going through the same thing :)