HKS is taking a Road Trip...

We're two weeks away and time is a flyin

So far, here are the major cities we'll be stopping in along the way, and yes that's my little car carrying my surfboard to happy waters across the land...:)

Be sure to "like" Harlow Knox Stereobox on Facebook or follow us on twitter to weigh in and interact on our trip! (twitter hashtag: #HKSroadtrip) I'd love to hear from you on suggested restaurants and hot spots. Are there attractions in the area?  Any smaller towns in between? Let us know as we make our way - I'll be posting arrival dates throughout the week!

Tour begins September 3rd! Hope you'll join us! xo!

(images: 1,2,3,4)


  1. exciting exciting!!!! mine is 3 weeks away!
    i know becca (from moved from boston to san francisco & stopped in new orleans.
    it looks like she stopped in nashville too! here's her post about new orleans though, if it helps at all!

  2. Kinsey, this is amazing! this just about the exact trip I am taking, minus the last leg, probably won't make it to Vegas, but will in the near future since it will only be a few hours away. Heck, maybe we can go together! thanks for sending this! It totally helped!