All Around Town...

Prepping Prepping Prepping....and sort of all over the place this week! Next week I will have a bit more time to post before my departure, so please pardon the interruption as I scramble for the upcoming road trip :) which is coming out great! So many great adventures await us!

And in the meantime, between errands during break, farewell lunches and dinners, I've been discovering some hidden gems in the city...just as I'm leaving! Figures :)

Green Street Vault - much like a food truck, but droppin street clothes, pumps & kicks...I like it...Derrick Cheung and Howard Travis are running this show and can be found all over Boston, just list for the sweet beats heading down the street!

Window dining on Newbury street at Umai - feels a little silly at first, but its such a great view!

The hidden Italian oasis that is Canestaro...this place has amazing food and a great atmosphere

Enjoying some liquid sunshine with Mer and Perla!

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  1. cuute pictures! i would love to dine at that italian place. i'm glad your move prep is coming along! i'm starting to feel so anxious/nervous!!!