Get Organized

Oh boy, this week is really getting away from me! But I'll be back to a regular schedule in no time, and hopefully will have some great news to share!

Sooo, I think I am a very organized person. Laugh it up. No honestly, I will find you.

But I will clarify that this probably doesn't stretch across all aspects of my life. There I said it. Which brings me to this tidy post today about being organized not at work and not in to-do lists...but at home! It's so easy to be on top of your game during the day when you got your go get em attitude and are dealing with things that your paycheck depends on, but when you head home, your just downright exhausted! But these simple tricks and items could help you get IN the game and make your evenings dedicated to relaxing and decompressing, not cleaning up.  Enjoy!

1. Laundry storage - great for separating whites and colors, or assign one to each person!
2. Grains Storage - very big, especially for pastas and grains which can welcome unwanted pests!
3. Clothes Storage - this is perfect, especially with the word pantalons thrown in the mix
4. Under the Kitchen Sink - a simple rod will allow you to hang all those different sprays without getting in the way
5. Make up Storage - this is a biggie and will help you keep up on cleaning your brushes and replaced old make up
6. Inside the Bathroom Cabinet - these Magnapods are perfect for utilizing space

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