DIY: Criss Cross Lampshade

This altered tutorial of the criss cross lamp shade is perfect for either vamping up an old lamp shade or creating one of your own (try Ikea for solids and try it with a color lampshade to make it all the more vibrant!) I like that the possibility of color combinations are endless and that you can customize it to the particular room you are placing it in. Its a perfect afternoon activity to spend on a summer day!

What you'll need:
-- Drum-style fabric lampshade
-- Approximately 10 yards 5/8-inch-wide satin ribbon in each color you choose to use
-- Hot-glue gun or fasteners
-- Tape measure
-- Pencil
-- Straight pins

To start:
Mark 1-inch intervals around the top of the shade with a pencil and cut strips to fit the size of your shade; keeping each strip 1-1/2 inches longer than the height of the shade 

1 - At each pencil marking, apply an orange ribbon strip diagonally. This should leave about 3/8 inch between ribbon strips. Hold in place temporarily with straight pins.
2 - Hot-glue ribbon ends to the inside top and bottom of the shade or fasten with fashion fasteners
3 - Then, attach and weave aqua ribbon strips diagonally in the opposite direction so that they weave through the already secured orange strips.