Beat the Heat

I was thinking about posting something a little different today, like this very cool Recycle Your Old T-shirts into Bikini's project. But I gotta be honest...with the scorching 90 degree weather outside...there is only one thing that is swimming through my mind. Taking a dip in a really great pool. Well, and ice cream. 

For those of us that live around Boston, I will say we are very lucky to have the ocean right at our doorsteps, with access to hundreds of beaches down the up and coast. And while yesterday's beautiful breezy weather did allow me to sit on the beach for more than 3 hours at a time, I have beach A.d.d., I don't always find myself heading into the water to cool off. It's just too cold!

Now give me a pool... and I'll float in there all day long.  Bonus: no sharks!

The problem now is just finding someone who has one :)

I love the staircase to this pool and immediately it made me think of the pool from Annie, the one in Daddy Warbucks mansion. It's very classic and just beautiful.

This modern century home is located in LA and must have a beautiful view. The lighting of the home makes the pool burst with neon.

A live liquid wall mural - its like your own fish tank of people.

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