Back to Black

I don't think it is any news that we lost Amy Winehouse this past weekend to the tragedy that is addiction. To be so well respected in the music community for not only her voice but her vulnerable songwriting, you hoped she would pull herself together and come back with a new outlook on the journey she was only just beginning to embark on. 

She's been quite a troubled soul battling this sickness well before we first heard her soulful voice. But on the surface, she not only had quite the set of pipes, but was responsible for bringing past glamour trends back to life - the beehive, vintage dresses, winged eyeliner and colorful printed bras under white tank tops.  Snooki absolutely had nothing on Amy's poof!

I was lucky enough to see Amy at Coachella a few years back and I remembered she was absolutely the only artist I set as a priority, that no matter who else was playing at that time, we were taking to the tent an hour early to make sure we were up close to witness this rising starlet. Though she drank like a fish while on stage, she sang like a diva and hit every note. And if I remember correctly, she was quite funny as well!

Not knowing what addiction is like myself, a friend posted a great article by Russell Brand, who still fights off addiction every day of his life. Some great insight and an eye opener. Though we were all not shocked to hear of the news, it is troublesome to see so many act as if it's something that could easily be stopped, including my own initial reaction.  It's an absolute shame to lose a talent like that to a disease people battle with so often, but we hope she is finally resting peacefully.

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