Why Didn't I Think of That...

First and foremost I would like to say Congratulations to the Boston Bruins for winning the 2011 Stanley Cup! Amazing and so exciting! City of Champions baby!! I'm very excited for the parade Saturday and the team must be so overwhelmed! Yeah B's! Woo!!

...so happy for them and you long time fans!

Alright...onto the post...

It's ideas like these below that seem like common sense, but just never really come to mind I suppose.  It's also people that are innovative thinkers and come up with these types of solutions that end up making millions of dollars off a blanket with sleeves or an orange towel...*sigh*. Makes you think, there has got to be something so common and roughly stupid that one of us can come up with to make it rain papah! 

But for now, try one of these tips and tricks for some of your everyday needs:

1. Paint Can TrickMartha Stewart
2. Power Cord Markers - Unplggd
3. Sliding Ceiling Storage - Family Handyman
4. Key Holders - Treehugger
5. Safety cups for your drink! - DIY Cupcake Liners
6. Door Stash - Just don't stash anything illegal and don't say you got this from me!

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