LA Hot Spots

So needless to say, I loved visiting CA...I have so much to blog about, but I thought I'd start off with some good hot spots that I hit up while I was in LA. Next time you visit, try out something new below! More to come!

So I love me some Mexican...tequila, refried beans, tortilla's...the works. It all makes me very happy. So when we hit up Malo Cantina and Colin introduced me to Chewy Chips, I was in heaven :). Now don't get me wrong, I actually felt the chewy chips making my body bigger, but they were a must. We got ourselves some margaritas when we arrived, Colin took the traditional while I opted for the Pinata Smash...which from the cocktail menu you can see, it was SOOOO spiccyyy!! Almost DIED on that first sip! But chewy chips helped me through it till I could get to something sweeter like the The Seniorita with hibiscus. Then it was onto dinner -  Baja fish tacos - arriba arriba! These were lightly fried, but the chipotle slaw that came with it, can't even explain the great combination.  There is a small bar that is on the opposite wall of the restaurant that I'm told get's packed, but luckily we were week day visitors, so we were able to get a seat right at the bar. If you like mexican, def a go to place.

Royal T - Culver City

Royal/T Cafe is inspired by the Maid Cafes of Tokyo, its not only a cafe, but a shop for cool trinkets and and awfully huge art space, not to mention their outfit attire def represent! Their menu offers everything from Kobe Beef Sliders and Grilled Shrimp and Peaches Salad, they also have a huge array of fresh brewed teas, like the Kyoto Sunset Tea and the citrus Green tea I got, that was so refreshing. I got the Tuna Tataki Salad with a side of steamed rice and it was exactly what I hoped it would be...which is Parish's Hot and Cold salad back here in Boston! :) SO GOOD!

The Edison - Downtown Los Angeles

I've heard this is the new hip place to go, and though it wasn't as hopping the Wednesday night my friend Colin and I visited, I could see why there is so much pull into this place. Its absolutely stunning in decor and puts the mood into a whole different era. I not only felt like I was in the haunted mansion at Disney but the bartenders with the looped mustaches def threw me back as well!

Just looking at the artifacts of huge generators, mirrors and seating in this place and how much it must have cost to put together, I imagined the $13.50 priced drinks weren't going to be your average size cocktail, however, there is a lot of absinthe on this menu that packed a punch when it came to only having two drinks. Try "The Mistress" and the "Highland Breeze", both scrumptious concoctions. 

They have a small bar food menu packed with appetizing bites - like Corn and Shrimp Fritters and Truffled Mac & Cheese, while their Big Bites offer "The Perfect Grilled Cheese" to "Fish and Chips". Not a huge selection of food, but hey, whose coming here for the food! If you're curious to know more, check out their website, which is a fun place to visit all in itself. Just playin some tunes for what seemed like a haunted room!

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