It's the London Look.....

It's just a fun line to say isn't it? And you certainly can't do it without a pout. 

Anyone waking up early for the Royal Wedding tomorrow? I know someone who is having a royal sleepover - yes CB I'm talking about you! :) 

I know everyone has probably feel like they've heard enough about the Royal Wedding. I haven't really been watching a lot on it, so I thankfully haven't been overexposed (tee hee). But it's still a little exciting that it's here and I feel like it might be one of those moments in time where you don't want to miss it. 

So if you can stand to get up a little earlier (a littler birdie told me the wedding is actually at 6!) to catch a glimpse of that handsome Harry...and those two getting married, then make yourself a mimosa and cheers to the Royals dahling!

1. Crown Wallpaper - Graham & Brown

3. Royal Treatment
4. Royal Magnets - Etsy
5. Beauregard Headband
6. No More Waity Katie Lip Gloss & Nail Polish - Butter London
7. Royal Cupcake

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