Workin for the weekend...and these fancy products

Were arrived to another weekend, which means its time to refresh and reflect, a new week and new beginnings are upon us...especially now that this week has proven to be off balanced with the horrible tragedy in unbelievable. Hug and love the ones you hold close.

So while these products below have absolutely nothing to do with any of this, I just thought they were fun and creative and are incorporating so much of what this Friday has brought on...

GET ME BACK TO MY BED - Yes please! What fun decor for a room! - Livingstones by Samarin Design - Pretty awesome things by this group!
LACK OF COFFEE THIS MORNING - Very true...and exactly how I felt this morning....TypoTees
LOTS OF MUSIC TO KEEP ME GOING - VERY green with recycling old credit cards....and a guitar players dream! Pick Punch
LOTS OF ORGANIZING FILES - Don't worry! There is every girls dream as well :)  - Organization Station
CANDY ON FRIDAYS IS ALLOWED - What a perfect little candy bowl! Unzipped Glass
STRESS RELIEF TEA! - Tea Lovers SUBMERGE! with your Tea Sub

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