Wanna Get Away?...

So we haven't traveled around the world in awhile! Well today's theme is going somewhere that seems like its way to pretty to exist...honestly, a lot of these places just make me wonder why we're sitting behind a desk everyday when there is so many beautiful things out there in the world that we could be off seeing. I should have become a really great photographer...its sad really when you think about it, but what can you do...in my next life. So for the time being, join me in never never land cause its FRIDAYYYYYY!!! woop woop!!

Black and Yellow Forest, Germany (sunsurfer)

Sakura, Japan (sunsurfer)

Staircase in Montmartre, Paris - photo by Olivia Buss
Sunset, Mcway Falls, Big Sur, California (pixdaus.com)
Emerald Pool, Sentosa Island, Singapore (sunsurfer)
Dusk, Teak Deck and Jacuzzi, Phuket Thailand
Redwood Deck, Marin, California (archdaily.com)
Scenic Lake View, Montreux, Switzerland
photo via larryjw

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