Stepping out for a Public Affair...

Alright, so the girl may think that chicken actually does come from the sea, but I still love her! And you have to hand it to her for putting together one giant money makin empire of super fashionable dresses, accessories, and shoes. I see the shoe collection at Macy's and at Marshalls and have always loved them because they are the perfect heel height, but I had no CLUE of all the wonderful dress pieces shes had! I'm obsessed! They're all very colorful, the patterns are vibrant and catch the eye. And the prices aren't bad either!

You can find all of the items above at the Jessica Simpson Collection.

I'd be bummed too pal...worth $750 million dollars....

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  1. Oh man, I LOVE her dress and shoe lines. Funny that I just blogged about a super cute pair of her floral pumps today too!