Movie Picks | March Edition

Seems like an appropriate day to discuss movies...why? Cause I'd rather be at home watching them during this gloomy rainy Wednesday in Boston! But then I think to myself...a week from Saturday, I'll be riding a Virgin America jumbo jet party straight across the great U.S. to the land of dreams, bright lights, and something we haven't seen in a while...SUNSHINE. 

So sit back and enjoy some trailers for upcoming releases. There's everything here - 
  • The anticipation of JJ Abrams crazy dreamed up monster in Super 8 - personally I think it's just E.T....nothing to be scared of...
  • A terrifying real situation of a little girl and her online predator in Trust 
  • The wrestling version of The Blind Side with Win Win
  • This hangover is for the girls in Bridesmaids
  • Cameron Diaz as a foul-mouthed teacher looking for a boob job to impress the new substitute in town in Bad Teacher (sounds right about up her alley)
  • Or a wedding photographer gone street-walker-stalker (good band name!) in your background checks kids!

Super 8
Win Win
Bad Teacher

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