This ones for the boys...

Alright, so I'm just gonna go out there and say that I too am on the Anti Valentines Day bandwagon...only because I just don't think it has an significant meaning behind it that shouldn't be expressed everyday. Like anniversaries, Valentines Day, as its built up to be, shouldn't happen just once a year, it should be a monthly occurrence (if not weekly, daily might be much...), a nice excuse to break routine and head out to celebrate each other.

But if you are out there celebrating Valentines day and you're a little stumped because you'd like to get the man in your life a little gift, just something small to show him you appreciate him, then here are some gift ideas that might give his heart a thump...
Whiskey Rocks - Skip the ice; Serve your drinks on the rocks 
These innovative soapstone cubes were designed by a big fan of single malt scotch, who wanted to chill his spirits without diluting them. Genius! Simply chill the stones and add to your drink.

Iphone Case Bottle Opener
For your very own tech guy, this hard-shell slider case has a built-in bottle opener provides you with protection of your phone as well as quite the impressive trick at the bar..

Chuck Norris Fathead
As if I even have to explain why this would be awesome to have in your house...or not...

Busted Tees
So you can never go wrong with a new t shirt... and Busted Tees has some of the best and humorous t-shirts around, clearly like my recent favorites above...ITS IN YER BLOOD!

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