DIY: There's a Method to this Scarf....

(image from
So the ladies of Method (you see their soap everywhere!) are a pretty crafty bunch! They also just gave me my next DIY project!

This innovative clan gets together once a month for lunch to do some handy work on a project in an hour or less by focusing on using products they already have, such as this instance, old t-shirts!

Its a genius idea they picked up from various blogs, including a braided version at This Old Dress.

I am in love with the colors above and the process seems simple enough to be rocking a new scarf by the weekend!

1.    grab some cotton t-shirts you don’t wear anymore.  larger sizes tend to work better as do non-ribbed shirts with no side seams. small logos on the shirts work fine, too.
2.    grab a pair of fabric scissors if
you have them, otherwise any scissors will do.
3.    lay the shirt out on a flat table in front of you.
4.    cut the hem off the bottom and put it aside.
5.    cut the shirt into 1-1 1/2 ”  horizontal strips all the way up to the armpit.
6.    grab 3-4 shirt strips in bot
h hands, and gently stretch them out. the strips will naturally curl into themselves.
7.    once you have done this with many of the strips, it is time to get creative.  try draping them, wrapping one end with excess fabric, combining colors, braiding th
em, attaching beads, pins, old jewelry, etc.



  1. This is a perfect and easy rainy night project. Thanks for posting! Mine turned out great!

    Also, love your blog! I'm a follower!

  2. Thanks so much April! I'm so glad to hear you've tried it too! I'm planning on getting some XL t-shirts to make one of the longer scarves this weekend, I lovvvvve that teal color