Your next la land...

It's time for another monthly trip around the world...aka la la land....

It's Thurdsay (wooohoo!) and it's time to start heading into the long weekend with sweet visions of far away magical place in our heads while mother nature has decided to have us surrounded by a winter wonderland. Now the snow is beautiful, don't get me wrong...but we've had a lot of it in a short period of time, and I'm beginning to think this isn't the end of it. So while I hope most of you are out there planning some upcoming spring getaways, perhaps some of these images might inspire you to book a trip to a new destination! I would die to try this tree camping!

Happy day dreaming! xoxo

Now I actually thought this was photo-shopped...but its the real deal! - Tree Camping on the Pacific Coast, Elk, California photo by louie psyoyos

Portofino, Italy-
Kyoto, Japan -

Cave homes in Cappadocia
Tunnel of Lights - Japan,
Ocean Estate, The Bahamas -
Honeymoon Cottages, Bora Bora, French Polynesia,


Desert Spa, Phoenix, Arizona -

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