Wedding Bliss

Who doesn't love a great wedding! :)

I've had 6 this year (and a McNamara Wedding Extravaganza coming up next weekend!), and all were beautiful, wonderful and filled with love and I couldn't be happier for these amazing couples that share so much love for each other. Especially one special Lucas couple ;) 

So with all the shower planning and looking up wedding ideas with the lovely brides to be, I have come across some just amazing gowns (one in particular will not be shown, because you will see it on my big day (one day)!). Some vintage, some backless, some lace, and well all just downright stunning. 

So while wedding bells aren't ringing just yet, maybe one day or soon for you too, its friggin just fun to look at this stuff isn't it! Sometimes I wish you could just get some of these gowns for other events!

Christian Dior


Julietta -

JLM Couture -

Monique Lhullier -

Style Venessa -
Pronovias Ecuador

A Peaceful Afternoon Dress -

1940's Vintage Wedding Dress - was on Ebay!

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