Little Sabina Batelman

A very talented designer by the name of Sabina Batelman will be a household name before you know it!
This very creative New York designer recently entered the art competition "Artists Wanted" and the artwork she's submitted is amazing! I am in love with every colorful piece! The positions of these characters are so engaging that I feel like you can actually hear a "oomphhhh..." and a "pussshhh" coming from each one of them. I'm already picturing these collector's in my home, and I don't even own a home yet! Not to mention after a good wine night, they could prompt a really fun "thought cloud" game as well.
Check out more of Sabina's work here. They also have a People's Choice Award, which is judged by how many and how high people rate your work - so go on and get voting!!
Artist: Sabina Batelman

Artist: Sabina Batelman

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