Baby alert! Miss Zoe Jennifer Marshall has arrived this morning! (Congratulations Jenn and Todd!) I love all the wonderful babies coming into the world - seems that everyone is preggers or poppin em out these days and it is beautiful I tell ya!

So in spirit of the baby madness, I stumbled upon these adorable booties by Joyfolie.

Joyfolie started with Jessica Haley, a school teacher turned homemade bootie maker after selling one of her own daughters homemade shoes on Etsy (Love an Etsy Success Story!). Rapidly her shoes were all over the press and in high demand! While she houses a small staff now of stay at home moms, she sells a variety of manufactured and handmade products, including the cute booties you see below!

A great addition to this rise to success business? - 10% of the profits of Joyfolie go to Giving Children Hope, a non-profit organization that refurbishes medical equipment that would otherwise go in a landfill for use in impoverished areas and for disaster relief! Win...Win...Joyfully.




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