January Movie Picks...

I realized I should be more clear that not all of these movies come out in January! But they are films whose trailers have just been released and have sparked my attention and each month there seems to be ten more movies I want to see so I figured, I'll just name them my picks of the month :).

This month, there is something for everyone: whether you're looking to laugh your arse off with Danny McBride (aka Kenny Powers) in
Your Highness, perhaps relate to the current economy and loss of a job with The Company Men, realize the more important things in life with Beginners, fall in love at the most magical place on earth in Water for Elephants, or witness the emotional trauma of escaping a hostile prison and the journey home in The Way Back

To see reviews on my December Movie picks, check out the comments section. I'd love to hear your reviews if you end up seeing any of my picks, so feel free to comment away!

Your Highness

The Company Men


Water for Elephants

The Way Back

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