Jalepeno Blackberry Margarita - Aribba Aribba!

I need a serious margarita tonight, preferably one with a kick, and i think i just found my poison for the evening. Though I'd rather a nice warm summer day to enjoy this concoction, sometimes all you need is Jose to warm your precious heart.

This Jalepeno Blackberry Margarita comes from Kitchen Konfidence and sounds like it probably will inspire a lot of confidence once consumed. It's their homemade recipe that includes a shot of their home-made jalapeno infused tequila, but can also be bought from the store.

So grab some guac and chips at home and get ready for a kick from this liquid sunshine - Happy Friday cuties!
8 blackberries
1 oz. / 1 shot roasted jalapeno infused tequila
1 oz. / 1 shot orange liqueur (Cointreau or Triple Sec)
1 oz. / 1 shot simple syrup, or to taste
1 lime
Crushed ice
Soda water

*head on over to Kitchen Konfidence if you want to grab some tips on the best way to strain the blackberries

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