DIY: Light Bright Art

I've meant to blog about this for some time now, because its such a great and easy decorative idea for any room in your home or apartment and is extremely budget friendly.  Personally, I might do this as a nice living room accent, perhaps three of them over the couch, or a cute nursery addition for some dim lighting as the baby drifts off to sleep. 

All you need is your desired canvas size, a pencil, and a box of christmas lights you can find at the Christmas Tree Shop for a dollar!  Depending on the color of your room, I'd go with the white cabled lights so that you can easily hide the wiring behind furniture.  

When making your masterpiece of light, think of it as your favorite Light Bright game when you were a kid. Simply draw your desired image on the front of the canvas and poke holes where the lights should come through. Take the christmas lights to the back of the canvas and punch them through the holes where necessary. It's that easy!  You can tape the extra lights right to the back of the canvas if you want to hang it on the wall, or rest it on a peice of furniture as shown above. 

I'm going to attempt to take a stab at this this weekend, so I'll have some follow up pictures soon! Brilliant!


  1. I really want to do this for a dear friend about to have her first baby. This is a special baby girl due to circumstances. I'm not crafty at all! Do you have suggestions on the design of the lights and can I make the canvas pink somehow?

    Thank you. Beautiful what you did here!


  2. Hi Sherri!

    That sounds like a wonderful idea and a great gift for your friend! I thought this might be interesting if you're doing a specific shape, but how about pink lights to do your design, so the canvas will glow pink when it lights up :) The best way to design is to def sketch what shapes you want on the canvas with a pencil, this way its easier to see where you need punch holes through to display as you need them to. I would love to see our final project when you finish! Feel free to send pictures so I can feature you on the site! :) Let me know how it goes!