Pack Your Bags...

Happy Holidays everyone! I hope you had a wonderful weekend full of great laughter, good food and cheerful memories with family and friends *<):0)

I've been seeing a lot of updates on traveling the past few days...some good... with vacations to tropical islands or Christmas in Europe. Anddd then some all you poor travelers whose flights, buses and trains were all cancelled because of the "Blizzard of 2010" (you mean the only snow storm we had until 2011 hits this week). Some of you, like myself, might even be dreaming up an upcoming vacation out of winter wonderland.

Well no matter the destination and how you'll be getting there, you always want to make sure at least one things in check...your It's actually important! Your bag style can save you an hour at the airport watching those same looking bags go round and round on that luggage pick up, or save you the hassle of mistaken bag identity. And what's nice about these chic and compatible duffles, is that they pack a lot of stuff, while all in the size of a carry on!

So forget the luggage carousel. These days, less is def more. Safe and Stylish Travels!
Naked & Famous Denim Duffle -

Tartan Medium Duffle -

Canvas overnight bag -

Waxed Cotton Safari Bag -

Wool Duffle Bags -

Filson Medium Duffle Bag -

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