Lunch just got a whole lot yummier...

This might be...the most amazing idea EVER....okay well at least for grilled cheese lovers! Grilled Cheese Academy is an online site dedicated to the popular sandwich! There are over 30 versions of a Grilled Cheese featured on this site, with some of the most mouth watering stand outs below. 

The site even allows you to view recipes by types of cheese and their recipe gallery includes 120 more delicious sandwiches submitted by other grilled cheese enthusiasts!

If you're not in the mood to cook or lacking the confidence to build one of these monster sandwiches, see my previous post on Grilled Cheese night at Dante in Cambridge!

The Birchwood

The Buffalo Bill

The Athena

The Green Acre


  1. hi Lindsay! i love your blog!!! i am a huuuuge fan of San Diego too! i've lived in the Boston area for most of my life, but spent a year in downtown SD for 1 year :)
    those grilled cheeses look so good, definitely a favorite comfort food.

  2. Hi Kinsey!

    Thanks so much!! I just got started recently and I'm so addicted already because its such a great creative release!

    I'm totally with ya...One day I will make my way back to California and hope to spend a few years out there myself! Love it there!

    Talk to you soon!