Lacy Snowflakes

It's finally Christmas tomorrow and with all the running around playing Santa, mummy and daddy could use some time to enjoy the holiday spirits floating around the family Christmas party. Nana's been dying to spend some more time with her little favorites, so here's a fun little project you can hand off to her while you enjoy the festivities...

These beautiful lacy snowflakes can be hung in windows, as ornaments on the tree, or warm up to your Christmas squeeze as a new form of mistletoe!

The steps are pretty simple and you can use any kinds of patterned or solid paper you like!

1. Download the snowflake template. Using child safe scissors (remember to tell your kids to ask for aunties help with this part) and then cut out the squares.

2. For each snowflake, bend the tips of the inner-most flaps toward each other and curl with your fingers to give them shape. 

3. Moving outward from the center, bend the next pair of flaps around in the opposite direction until they meet. Overlap ends and secure with double-stick tape.

4. Do the same for each concentric pair of flaps, alternating directions each time and taping ends together. Continue on to the remaining 5 squares, making the snowflake parts the same way you did the first one.

5. Tape all 6 points together to form a snowflake.

This darling little project comes from How About Orange.

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