It's all in the Hazelnut...

So, I'm sitting here crammign away on a project, all while enjoying a small spoonful of delicious Nutella on a piece of toast as my day's late lunch / guilty sweet snack. Now, this stuff isnt just magically delicious, its now become a staple in the cooking world. Heck, I even saw about ten jars of it stashed on the shelf of a Bolocco the other day...and much to my surprise after a nice little Google search, Bolocco has Nutella Milkshakes...

Well, it got me thinking about just what savory Nutella concoctions are out there. Now, I suspected the cookies and the fudge, but I was suprised to find a whole bunch of Nutella goodness recipes! Here are just a few that caught the sweetness in my eye...

Nutella and Banana Wontons -

Nutella Fudge -

Nutella Cookies -

Nutella cupcakes -

Nutella and Peanut Butter Woopie Pies! -

Nutella Rice Krispie Treats -

Nutella Milkshakes -

Ricotta nutella chocolate frangelico cookie cake (SAY WHA?!) -

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