Holiday Breakfast Santa Would Approve Of...

Everyone's cooking up a storm for this holiday weekend. I'm sure you have your desserts here, your side dishes there...but what about...Breakfast?!

I might even argue this is the most important meal of all during the holiday (certainly not the biggest).  It's the meal you share with your family Christmas morning, while there is excitement in the air, giving gifts to your loved ones and opening presents, sitting around googling at your new gadgets and gizmos, and watching the Macy's day parade till mother dear yells "someone get in the shower now! we need to leave by 1!".  

Not to mention, you can be a hero (for the morning) for saving everyone's stomach's waiting around for that 3pm "early dinner" by trying one of these easy bake recipes:

Cinnamon Cream Cheese Breakfast Bars  -

Breakfast Bacon & Egg Muffin Cups -

Breakfast Pizza -
And my personal fave - Monkey Bread! -

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