Gag Gifts and Stocking Stuffers

Christmas is right around the corner and you probably still have some last minute stocking stuffers or gag gifts to get for your loved ones, friends or even for you office holiday secret santa. And sometimes, it's just hard to pick out those little things!

So here's a quirky little list of gifts I've come across this holiday season:

1 - this is real fancy - perhaps impress in the in laws? 

2 - For that perfect gentlemen in your life...

3. Genius and hilarious

4. Perfect for your man, the minimalist, or for a night out if that's all you're taking with you!

5. Because it really happened to them - perfect for your kids, nieces and nephews!

6. For the music lover - USB Turnbable!
7. You'd be surprised how many marriages I'm sure this saves...

1. Brasa Table Top Fireplace - $365,
2. Humunga Stache Dog Toy - $12,
3. Hat Beard - Varies, Take your pick at
4. Eco Friendly Iphone Case - $24.99,
5. What Happened Bandage - $10,
6. USB turntable - $130.00,
7. Tube Wringer - $21.95,

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