The DressUp Shop

I've got a dress obsession...and its getting bad.

Not only does Fluer Wood have quite an impressive bio, formerly a NUN, she travels the world in search of the best fabric throughout India and Europe, "meeting up with hand embroiders in Delhi, drawing inspiration from flea markets in Paris and the heartbeat of New York". A girl can dream to follow in these footsteps...

But Fluer is not the only designer with an interesting background. The boutique Sarah Coggles, founded by Valeria Bae, was named after the secretary Valeria found her husband having an affair with to remind him of the horrible mistake he made! There is nothing like a woman scorned!

While that story certainly made my eyes widen, first impressed me with its website user experience with its opposing highlight navigation system - tres chic! Looking around on their homepage, Valeria not only highlights her collections, but gift ideas, street style and her personal editors choice style. 

So while Fleur Wood and is not helping my dress up situation, thankfully the prices of some of these luxury items are! 

I need a sewing machine for Christmas...

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