December Movie Picks

There are so many movies that are all a-buzz right now - and let me tell ya...I LOVE movies. You might think "well everyone loves the movies" but you'd be surprised when I tell you I have met many MANY people who are like "I don't really care for movies..." or haven't been to the movies in a year!  I get it, I totally do, its $11 for a movie now a days, not to mention popcorn and a soda can cost you up to $12 bucks. It's practically a night out all in itself, no including dinner!And some movies are just better off watching in the comfort of your own home.

But going to the movies to me, is an experience...and for most of the movies I see, the better way to really engulf yourself in whats happening.  I love documentaries, romantic comedies every once and a while and anything with Paul Rudd, Vince Vaughn, or Jason Bateman automatically makes me pee my pants. Some of my favorite movies though are the ones that make you really start to question how the world evolves, How relationships REALLY are, experiencing a life moment through the eyes of the vulnerable that you may never experience yourself, nor would want to.  The ones that don't always end so warm and fuzzy and are so genuinely creative, they're unpredictable.

So I wanted to add a little something different to the blog and do a monthly recap of upcoming movies I'm dying to see. Many of you probably already have these in your que too, but perhaps, there are a few of you that will see something here that inspires you to go find that movie magic again.

Is there any movies not listed your dying to see?

So here they are, my Apple Movie Trailer Picks:

Blue Valentine -
True Grit -

Rabbit Hole -

All Good Things -
Somewhere -
Tree of Life -

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  1. I thought I might follow up with a little yay or nay on the movies I have seen out of my monthly picks.

    True Grit - YAY
    - Those crazy brothers have done it again and the acting by newcomer miss Hailey Steinfeld is out of this world. I actually wanted to smack her! haha, girl did good! Great story, great western, you must go see.

    Somewhere - Nay
    - Now I could have put a big YAY on this based on discovering alone that I am still in love with Stephen Dorff after all these years. The man's gorgeous. But I have to say, you have to really be into Sophia Coppola's directing to be able to stand some of the scenes in this film. To me, while the strippers performing was funny, I didnt need to see them perform three times and for 10 minutes each time, i didn't need to see Stephen go around the race track for the 4th, 5th and 6th time and frankly I'm not sure what all that was about but wasting precious story time. To me there was about 45 minutes of a great movie surrounded by another 45 of just plain repetitiveness. But again, Stephen is hot...

    Unfortunately I haven't had the chance to see my other picks, either they are not yet released in theaters or because they are all playing at Kendall ONLY - I really wish there was an indie film theater on the SOUTH SHORE. So some of these might have to way till blu ray...

    If you have seen these films, I would love to hear your review!