It's quite a fishy place isn't it....

Now when I was in college, I had a little pet goldfish myself...his name was Dubey. I only had him for less than a week before my roommate and I got home from a party one night to find we had a face up floater on our hands. 

Maybe it was sprinkling too much food in his bowl as i was dashing out the door for class, maybe it was lack of attention - i just thought he was independent for pete's sake!  Or maybe Dubey was experiencing an on-going panic attack since he saw my face at the pet store clinking on the massive tank mouthing "yeah that's him..he's mine!"

Where ever you are Dubey...I hope your shacked up in a hot fishy hotel pad like this!!

This Frank Lloyd Wright inspired "split-level ranch" is complete with plate glass windows for optimum aquatic la la! 

And when your tenants have decided to check out to the fishbowl in the sky, this $27 modern condo can be converted into a sleek planter! 

This is also a great gift this holiday season for a young one on the fam, preferably one that wont have you turning this into a planter each month. 

You can purchase at 


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