Quite a Frenzy for Lost Things...

I cannot rave enough about Miss Alison Sudol and A Fine Frenzy. I had the pleasure of working with (for?) her at Virgin and she was a always an absolute delight. Let's just say she was the type of down to earth person that would always remember your name, your face and express her appreciation for all the hard work and help from the team around her.....ya know, complete opposite from anyone falling under the "My So Called Life" category...*ehem* I digress....

Her lyrics are original and whimsically sung by a voice that is soft and emotional. Did I mention she is a stunner?! Absolute vintage Hollywood glam and gorgeous red hair even Miss Ginger herself would be jealous of...I would try to replicate this hair in a second if I thought I could pull it off!

Her latest video for "Lost Things" is stop-motion animation fairytale, somewhat like Alison and Wonderland (coincidence?). Having first seen this type of animation in "Her Morning Elegance" by Oren Lavie, it has now become all the trend in Amazon Commercials. 

So hurry on down the Rabbit Hole, there's a magical adventure awaiting you!

You can find Alison tweeting away at  http://twitter.com/afinefrenzy

or learn more about the magical tale of this singing siren at http://www.afinefrenzy.com/bio.aspx

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