Light it Up

Boston Lights Expo (Boston, MA) - Who knew there were so much information you needed to know about lighting and lighting design?! It seems that this is a key ingredient to any Interior Designer or Architect out there and the demand for education in Lighting Design is on the rise (*insert shameless marketing* - BAC Lighting Certificate starts in 2011!). So it got me thinking about different unique lighting designs and how these lighting fixtures can completely turn the feel of a room around...with the flip of a switch!

These little cupcake lights are GENIUS!  These are so inexpesive and can set a pretty "sweet" mood to any occasion :) (I will take it upon myself to suggest a lower watt light, this would make me so nervous if this was to go up in flames...alternative and safer? CHRISTMAS LIGHTS!)

Luxury Chandelier from Unique Crystal Lighting fixtures...I am in love with this stop motion raindrop look

British based lighting designer Ali Siahvoshi is the designer behind Fabbian’s line of super-cool chandeliers  - Transforming every day objects into lighting fixtures

 Light emitting wallpaper is the brainchild of Ducth Jonas Samson.  This device can be turned off when not in use so that it looks like normal wallpaper during the daytime. Too bad this is but a concept at this point in time, but we'll be on the look out for when more designs and colors are available!
Jerry Kott designs modern lighting fixtures hand crafted from recycled bottles. Just how does he get those bulbs inside those tiny holes!

Student designers form BVD (Black Valley Design) Collective re-purposed recycled plastic flatware to create stunningly beautiful modern lighting fixtures.

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