It Get's Better Project

It's absolutely frightening what has been happening over the past few weeks with young kids taking their own lives because of bullying and threats. Kids are so vulnerable at this delicate age while some are also naive,  insensitive, and just downright stupid...and I hope they grow up to realize these horrible characteristics within themselves and learn to teach their kids to do the right thing and accept everyone around them.

Dan Savage has even started a Youtube channel with video message to young adults (and younger!) about getting through such a tough time and that things will indeed get better.

"Blogger Perez Hilton, inspired by columnist Dan Savage’s “It Gets Better” initiative, has “reached out to every celebrity possible” to get them involved in making videos as he did to encourage those who may be suffering from sexuality-related bullying. So far, videos have come in from the likes of R&B songstress Ciara and media personality LaLa Vazquez; “America’s Next Top Model’s” Jay Manuel; and Hilton said the cast of “Glee” has agreed to work on a video as well."

You can participate and watch Dan Savage's video channel to see an amazing response from everyone around the globe to help young kids keep their hope  - It Get's Better Project.

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