Here's the Skinny....

What's this?? What's this??!! Love hearing guilt free!

Now I know you're probably saying..."Well didn't Bethany Frankel already come out with this lovely concoction?"...technically the answer is yes...but here's the "skinny":

Bethany's actual recipe she gets while out at bars (as if I hang out with her personally) is a mix of Patron, a splash of tonic water and five limes...yeah that sounds great except whose paying? Her margarita mix you can also buy in the store, its 120 calories an 8 oz serving (whose drinking 8 oz of a marg..pahhhleaseeee) and from my taste test not too long ago, I'd rather dish out the money for the Patron (litttleeee too salty for my taste).

But this little doozey offers only natural ingredients and 20 calories per serving (don't forget to add 60 calories for each shot of tequila you add) and stays away from the loaded high fructose corn syrup that will set you back hundreds of calories that you find in regular margaritas. 

There is a list of distributors on their site, and lucky me, Pemberton Farms is a short 5 min drive away! So Drink up....Drink Smart. Drink Skinny™. 

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