Your How To Girl......

Wondering how to do a messy bun when you're on the run, a smokey eye for a hot date you have tonight, or look like you came straight from the beach even during these frigid New England winters? Then look no further than Miss Emily, your How To Expert from Cupcakes and Cashmere. This girl has a lot going on from fashion to recipes, so you can expect for me to reference her style a lot more often. She's quite the Fashionista!

Here's just one of her signature "How To"'s for that classy braid for your social night out, or if you want to look like a certain lovely Lauren Conrad :)


  1. love this. now the real question is where am I gonna get the hair to do it?!

  2. haha thanks Ann! I did this today actually, wish I could take a picture of the big mess, but it actually is extremely wind resistant! :)