Welcome to the Great Escape....

Welcome Welcome Welcome everyone...
So this is my first real blog! I began writing quite a bit on my Mog page a while ago, and while it was great, it was hard to keep up and I felt a bit limited to just music. Don't get me wrong, I have a huge passion for music, but I also have lots of love for interior design, food and recipes, concerts and festivals, restaurants, party ideas, and great new places opening up around Boston and afar!

What's in the name you ask? Well, I had two idea's for design firms and furniture stores that I dream-pt up one day...some say I'm a dreamer.  I've always loved the name Harlow and thought Harlow Knox sounded like a pretty bad-ass name. I thought up Stereobox, convinced there must be a blog already name this out there...and to my surprise, there isn't! So while creating this blog, I took a hard look at which one really described me and what I wanted to accomplish here...and well, they just meshed together so well, the blog name was born. And I have to say, I really like it :0) I hope you do too!

So while its rather nerve-wrecking sometimes to put your thoughts and dreams out there, I really wanted to start this blog to just share....share ideas, share articles and insights that I stumble across everyday, and to share the creative and talents of the wonderful people that surround me everyday. 

So if you're looking for someplace to find some cool ideas and to learn about new things, I hope you come back and visit me often :0) Feel free to send me things you'd love to share yourself such as events your hosting, projects your working on, or where your band is playing this weekend~


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