To Rest My Head Tonight .....

These are just three of my picks from bhg's 25 Best Real Life Bedrooms. Each has something different that makes these beautiful interior decorated bedrooms an absolute dreaming haven. Color clearly makes any room, from there its easy to accessorize on a budget! There are so many great places out there to find bargain items, and look like you spent a fortune. Take another peak at that places for an unexpected treasure one day:

Duvet Covers - Urban Outfitters and Anthropologie have some of the greatest sales and I've found two trendy duvet covers to add a spark to my room.

Lighting and Fixtures - you can find great inexpensive lighting fixtures at Ikea - from track lighting to fill your room or a savvy chandeleir to make your room look luxurious. 

Frames and Fixtures - I won't annoy you with the tag line, but its true...Christmas Tree Shops have some of the greatest deals on frames, candle fixtures, and decor! And if you fail to find what you like there, head on over to Homegoods or TJ Maxx / Marshalls to find all kinds of little trinkets to make your home a cozy place to come home to.

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